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 “Liliana’s voice is captivating, passionate and full of nuances, listening to her transports you to that world where dreams come true.”
Ricardo Jesús Gallén
Classic guitar performer and professor at the HfM Franz Liszt, Weimar.


ERES TODO PARA MI – Liliana Cortez


Liliana Cortez is a singer born in the sunny city of Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. She showed her passion for singing at a very early age, which is why she attended the “Schiller Institute” in Mexicali for two years singing as contra-alto in the children’s choir.

During her adolescence she participated in several school singing competitions. In her twenties she continued her training in the church choir of the 1st church of the “IAFCJ” in her hometown.


In 2013, she married Spanish percussionist and composer Alejandro Coello and moved to Germany. Since then they began to offer concerts together in the Germanic country, which opened the doors to other countries such as Spain, and even China.

In 2015, she was the vocalist of the folk music group Santa Emilia, where she expanded her knowledge of Latin American culture and its different musical styles.


It is worth highlighting her participation with the multifaceted actor “Hovik Keuchkerian” in the song “Pull” by the Russian filmmaker Arthur Keir in 2016.

Since 2018 she has been an active member of the Christian congregation “Freie Christliche Gemeinde” in Weimar. There she was able to meet  Friedhelm Mund, the producer and founder of the record company “töne & töpfer”, who has trusted her to undertake her definitive musical career as a singer.



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